Sitemap in Toto

June 1st 2011

If you are reading this article, it means that you are familiar with Toto blog engine, if not – go and read about that. In this article i will explain how to add simple sitemap for search engines to your toto-based blog…

Validations in Rhodes

May 26th 2011


Recently i have started working on project for iphone, where we tried Rhodes framework as a tool for building mobile apps. As usual, every application has a registration form, and you have to validate data from it. I found myself that rhodes doesn’t give you an ability to do that the way rails does. In that moment i remember that i used Validate gem before, and started trying to adopt it with rhodes. First of all i should say that you can not just take ruby gem code and paste it to the rhodes app, it just won’t work at all :)

Rhosync and Rails together

May 25th 2011

It sometimes happens that you need to merge a couple of Rack-based applications together. Now i work on a project that uses rhosync server, which is written on top of sinatra. The main goal of this server is to provide api for synchronization needs and it stores all data in redis storage and provide some classes to access this data. And if you need also some backend in a top of this why not to merge those together using Rack::URLMap